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What To Know About The NCLEX Before Taking It

The ultimate NCLEX exam tips and considerations you need to know to properly prepare for your test


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As a nursing student, the NCLEX test is the last step to obtaining your license, and it implies an enormous commitment and long hours of studying to pass it. In this article, I’ll share some must-know NCLEX exam tips and considerations so you can get ahead and prepare yourself as better as possible. Know About NCLEX Before Taking It

To Take The Nclex Exam, You Must Have an Authorization

Only if you possess an ATT letter, also known as an Authorization To Test, will you be able to take the NCLEX exam. Contacting your nursing regulatory body and submitting an application will obtain this approval. It is crucial that you are aware that the authorization has a 90-day expiration date, meaning you have until then to take your nursing exam. The body can offer you authorization through email after reviewing your application.

You will need to reapply if, for some reason, you did not take the NCLEX exam before your authorization expired.

The Format of the Nursing Exam Is Special

If you have a diploma in vocational or practical nursing, you can take the NCLEX-PN, or if you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing or are a registered nurse, you can take the NCLEX-RN.

The NCLEX-RN exam must be finished in fewer than six hours, while the PN version must be finished in less than five. There are two possible break intervals that you might choose to use. Health promotion and maintenance, effective and safe care management, psychological integrity, and physiological integrity—known as the test’s major section—are the four topics into which the nursing exam is divided.

You must possess a thorough understanding of each of these topics in order to pass the NCLEX exam; otherwise, your test will not be successful.

Get Ready To Respond To A Variety Of Questions

There are several questions on the NCLEX, and they can be divided into three groups based on their types: general knowledge, application and analysis, and applying rules, methods, and facts to arrive at a solution. The first ones typically have a multiple-choice structure, the ones that come after them typically have graphics, tables, and photos, and the last ones are frequently open-ended.

The number of questions you must complete will depend on how well you did on the previous question. There may be up to 265 questions, with 15 of them being trial questions that do not count toward your final score.



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