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Polyphagia: Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

 Polyphagia is described as a person who eats a lot of food to fulfill his hunger, but he cannot satisfy his desire, and as a result, he eats a lot of food without any break or sometimes with a crack. 

It is not because he feels hungry and not because of excessive physical exercise but because without any reason. Sometimes, he can’t control his hunger. If a person feels hungry, he eats some food in normal conditions. As a result, his hunger level comes to normal, but his hunger level can’t go to normal in polyphagia. Sometimes a person with depression, anxiety, and stress faces this type of hunger. 

When a person is in depression, he eats a lot of food to overcome depression. It is an uncontrollable hunger sensation.


The following are the causes that may cause polyphagia:

 ● Hypoglycemia

● Hyperthyroidism

● Stress

● Lack of sleep

● Premenstrual syndrome

● Your diet

● Diabetes


 It is a medical condition found in people who have an issue of low blood sugar. When a

person face a problem of low sugar, his hunger level increase, and he wants to eat food.

 Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

● Headaches

● Shaking

● Dizziness

● Sweating


It is raised the level of thyroid glands. If a person’s thyroid glands work quickly, their appetite also increases. He wants to eat more food. He can’t control his hunger, and as a result, his weight increases.


● Weight loss

● Hair loss

● Nervousness

● Sweatiness

 Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

 Change in hormones is directly proportional to women’s menstrual cycle. When a woman’s menstrual cycle is disturbed, her hormones are also concerned, and in this condition, different people face different issues. Some people face pimples, weight loss, weight gain, and an increased appetite. Her craving for fats and carbs is increased.


  • Mood swings
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue

 Lack of sleep

Sleep is essential in everything. If a person could not sleep 8 hours, he couldn’t live a healthy life. Lack of sleep sometimes disturbs hormones, and as a result, disturbed hormones increase the person’s craving level.


When a person is stressed, his craving and hunger levels increase. A stressed person eats a lot of food because he can’t find anything to do.

 Your diet

Diet plays a critical role in desiring Hunger level. If you eat unhealthy food like fast food, you feel hungry sometimes because there is a lack of nutrients.


 Eating a lot of food is also a sign of diabetes. A person with diabetes eats food, but his body can’t convert food into energy. Therefore, he feels hungry.


See your Doctor if you are experience one of any symptoms above to rule out polyphagia.


Treatment will start when the doctor knows why you create a lot

of food. For example, if you have diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and PSM, polyphagia can be treated with medications. But if polyphagia is due to a mental problem, the doctor suggests a mental health specialist.

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