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Best NCLEX-RN Comprehensive Review Book

When it comes to preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), choosing the NCLEX review guide can be tricky as hundreds of resources claim to be relevant and up to date, but all that glitters does not shine. Therefore, you must choose a resource that is suitable to your learning style and doesn’t necessarily add extra or irrelevant material so that you can make the most of it in a short time. In addition, it will be a cherry on top if you are also a part of the study circle, so preparing in advance will give you more clarity when you have a good grasp of nursing concepts. Finally, it will be beneficial and help you greatly if you decide to spend a few bucks. As for this review guide, we list some of the best choices you can make to prepare for the NCLEX guide and start your professional career.

1. Saunders Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination

When it comes to getting a perfect score for the NCLEX review, Saunders Comprehensive Review should be your guiding light as, over the years, it has been consistently recommended by passing candidates. It has around 5000 practice questions to prepare well in advance. It is written in clear and concise language. Helpful visuals appear page after page to keep you engaged. The book is a complete color design and has easy to use index. Also, the author, over the years, has continuously updated the book to make it relevant. Another reason this book is the best choice for aspiring nurses is that it has visuals like charts, images, and tables that break the monotony of the texts.

2. Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing has the 20th edition in circulation, which tells how much is in demand and how much it has progressed. It has over 800 pages covering almost all of the topics you need for NCLEX. In addition, it is 4200 practice questions so you can be better prepared. As several nurse reviews suggest, this prep book is a considerable volume that makes it intimidating to use. Nevertheless, the content makes it one of the best NCLEX books. It has tons of practice questions with colorful charts and illustrations, especially necessary for students who are visual learners. Moreover, it includes two full-length practice exams that can help build your exam-taking ability and patience for NCLEX.

3. Kaplan’s NCLEX-RN Drug Guide

Kaplan is known for developing study-related materials for all kinds of fields. The book, as mentioned above, does not include the syllabus of NCLEX but is a study guide for drugs and medications. It widely covers the drugs, as drugs are discussed category-wise in flashcard format for extra information. More than 300 drugs are explained, which includes their application, uses, and properties.

4. Lippincott Q&A Review For The NCLEX

Lippincott review guide is also one of the better choices available for NCLEX preparation as it mimics the format of the examination as well as what students should expect in the examination. It has over 6000 practice questions in visually appealing color-coded content with tips on how to attempt NCLEX questions. What makes this book more demanding is that it is affordable, and it has one of the best reviews by NCLEX takers. The four major topics that this book covers are mental health, medical-surgical, obstetric, and pediatric nursing.

5. HESI Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination

For students who have time to prepare for the NCLEX examination well before time, HESI Comprehensive Guide should be your go-to choice. The material of the book is not overwhelming as the content is arranged into chapters and sub-chapters. The book has an engagement format with high-quality glossy paper and, a detailed explanation for retention. For enhanced learning, the book uses different teaching techniques to explain difficult concepts. The book also has hint boxes, short lessons, charts, and pictures for visual learning.
There are many other books available that you can choose to prepare for examination but always choose the book that has a wide coverage of topics, detailed explanations and rationales behind every concept and methodology, study tips and test-taking strategies, and easy-to-understand text overall. When it comes to passing the NCLEX you have to be adept in difficult nursing scenarios as the exam is all about testing your critical thinking skills about how you can handle different nursing situations. So, always choose the best resource book that gives you an edge in terms of answering difficult questions, which are common in the NCLEX.

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